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What Is Print Management?

How It Works

Printed materials are an expense item.  Most are a consumable product that you need to reorder, so why not reduce and control the cost?

Instead of ordering items when you run out, our Print Management program will track consumption of your printed material and give you real time information needed to purchase similar items at the same time.  WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?  Similar items can be run on the same press, eliminating multiple setup charges, reducing production time, and maximizing your buying power.

Where Are The Savings?

Let’s look at a case study of an actual client to show you the impact of just 5 items being ordered at the same time.  This company had been ordering items as they ran out.  After implementing our Print Management program, we were able to setup similar items to be ordered at the same time.  It’s not uncommon to reduce printing costs by 20% if you order printed material with Print Management.

Lost Opportunity

Print Management does more than reduce printing costs, it prevents lost opportunities.  Imagine having the responsibility to order printed material for all departments in one company.  Trying to place combo orders for the marketing department, accounting department, service department, production department, sales department, etc…


If you have more than one location, multiply that responsibility by each location. Imagine the time it takes to communicate with all these departments across your entire company, not to mention the time spent trying to keep track of all the  potential opportunities for combo orders!

Simple Yet Powerful!

Our Print Management program tracks and records usage, item by item, in all departments, across all locations and gives you one easy to read monthly report.  All communication is between you and Print Resources.  Now, you have all the important information in hand so you can manage your cash flow by adjusting the quantity you want to purchase.

Storage & Fulfillment

As part of our Print Management program, we provide our clients with FREE storage and fulfillment.  If you have multiple locations, we store your product in our distribution center.  When a location runs low on inventory for a specific item, we fulfill that order and ship it directly to that location.  You never have to touch it, it’s that simple!


Our Print Management program is FREE!  It’s a value added service we provide all our clients in order to provide them the best possible price while making the ordering process as easy as possible.  This powerful tool is another reason why so many companies are choosing Print Resources as a partner in business!

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