Multimedia Process

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Our Multimedia Services are designed to help deliver that all important message for your business. From animation, to photography, to voice production, and mass distribution, we have a process that will help you deliver a message sure to be remembered!

Step 1 - The Meeting

During our first meeting we analyze your business to understand what your multimedia needs include.  We ask questions to set an objective.  Do you want to capture crisp and vibrant images, explain a process with a visual message, or mass distribute your message?  Whatever your objective is, we help you define it.

Step 2 - Creative

After our initial consultation we have a clear understanding of the objective and we go to work. Our creative team starts with laying out a storyboard, outlining a script, and casting for the perfect voice talent to reach your target market. During this process we have constant communication and require approval on multiple levels throughout production.


Step 3 - The Movement

Once production is complete, we present the final product to you for approval.  We then implement our plan to deliver your message to the target market in the most powerful and dynamic way possible.  A process will be put into play to help you track results and gain feedback from your client base.

Multimedia Services

Is your company searching for help in a specific area?  Print Resources Multimedia services will deliver your message with a lasting impression.

Video Animation

Explain what you do!  Video animation is a great way to show people what you do, instead of just telling them.  Our animation process starts with a free consultation to discuss what you are trying to achieve.  During this meeting we will define the message you want to deliver and chat about concepts.  Then our creative team and production staff will deliver a proposal with details of the project.  Once a proposal has been accepted, we start working on a story board.


Are you designing a product catalog or advertisement?
Our photography services will capture crisp, vibrant images. We can set up an in house shoot with a variety of different background options, or travel to a specific location. Pricing for a photo shoot depends on the location, time spent on location, and the number of photos taken. Contact us to discuss details of your project. We will then be able to provide a proposal.

Voice Production

We offer a diverse team of professional voice talent, experienced producers, and casting experts ready to help you get the best voice production possible for your radio, television, cable, point of purchase display, website, animation, or video.

CD/DVD Duplication

If you need to mass distribute your data, audio, or video on a CD or DVD our duplication services are a perfect fit.  Our state-of-the art M2 finishing lines have the quickest cycle time in the industry.  At Print Resources we can Replicate CD’s or DVD’s for orders of 500 or greater, and duplicate CD’s or DVD’s for orders under 500.  During the automated production process we can custom print any design on your CD or DVD right in line.  We also design and print custom packaging so you can distribute your product instantly or we can mass distribute your product from our distribution center directly to your customers.

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