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We work with companies every day that want to increase sales, launch a new product, rebrand their business, or devise a plan for future growth.  One of the most common questions we are asked is, where do I start?  At Print Resources our process starts with 3 steps.


Step 1 - The Meeting

Our marketing process starts with a free one on one consultation during which time we get to know you and your business. We ask specific questions to help establish a specific plan. We don’t just want to know where you see yourself next week, next month, or next year. We want to know what your goals are well into the future. During this meeting we collect the information we need and define a specific objective to be achieved.


Step 2 - Creative

After our initial consultation we have a clear understanding of the objective and we go to work. Our marketing team starts with laying out concepts and conducting research. Our creative staff begins mockups, and together we develop a strategic marketing plan making sure they match your overall corporate strategy, corporate mission, and corporate goals.


Step 3 - The Pitch

During our second meeting, we pitch our strategic marketing plan along with creative concepts on how to achieve it. We provide you with a detailed outline and project calendar. We also show you how to track results so you can see which segment has the greatest impact. Once we get your approval, we start to implement the plan and set a timeline for each segment to be completed.

Marketing Services A La Carte

Is your company looking for help in a specific area? At Print Resources our marketing services are also offered A La Carte, so you only pay for the services you need on a project by project basis.

Logo Design

We work on a variety of projects, from designing logos for new divisions, new products, new companies, to rebranding. Our design process starts with a free consultation to discuss design options and design fees. During the development process, we present you with a variety of concepts. We narrow down the design by focusing on specific features you like and removing any that you don’t like. Upon completion of the logo design, we provide you with final files in all formats.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are some of the most creative and talented in the industry. We work with companies everyday laying out simple forms, designing creative brochures, or working on large multi piece projects. Many businesses can’t afford to have a graphic designer on staff. That’s what we’re here for! We work on a project by project basis and we quote each project before we start. No hidden fees, no surprises. If you need it designed, we can do it, just give us a call.

Advertising Design & Layout

Are you starting an advertising campaign… already have an idea, but you just can’t lay it out? We can! Tell us about your creative vision and we can bring it to life. Don’t have a creative vision? We do! Our Advertising Design and Layout services will ensure you maintain a consistent theme for brand recognition. If you need to capture a specific image for your advertisement, we do that as well! Check out our Photography Services to learn more.

Integrated Marketing

Our Integrated Marketing Services do just that, integrate an entire campaign. From design, to print, to web, to animated video, we can integrate your campaign across all facets of media to ensure the image and theme is consistent. Of course you don’t have to use every form of media. Our design, print, web, and animation services are all in house. For larger projects we work with local radio stations and production companies. The value we bring to an integrated marketing campaign is working with one company who clearly understands the objective and can manage all aspects.

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