Animation Video

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Animation Video

Explain what you do!  Video animation is a great way to show people what you do, instead of just telling them.  Our animation process starts with a free consultation to discuss what you are trying to achieve.  During this meeting we will define the message you want to deliver and chat about concepts.  Then our creative team and production staff will deliver a proposal with details of the project.  Once a proposal has been accepted, we start working on a story board.

During the second meeting we will present the story board, voice over script, and audio options for approval.  When you approve all aspects, we start production on your project.

Character Animation

This video was designed to deliver an important message in a funny and memorable way to our clients.  Sometimes voice production isn’t needed in a video.  The message can be delivered with visuals alone.   

Music, and sound effects help bring this animation to life.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation is a great way for a business to explain a service or process in a way that allows the target market to easily understand.  We used Whiteboard Animation to help explain our Print Management program.  Start getting noticed by your customer base and explain what you do!

Animation Video  -  EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DO!  Contact us today and find out how our animation video services can help your business.

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